Breaking Barriers


Posted by mimshappy | Posted in writing | Posted on March 2, 2010

My Flag Team

Jackie Robinson’s nine values showed me how to face a barrier in my life. That was my color guard/flag team problem.   The problem was I was afraid of catching the flag, because I didn’t want to get hurt.  Out of his nine values, only four best represent me, and how I faced the problem of my flag catching.

The first thing you have to do when catching a flag is position your right hand with it looking like you’re about to grab an apple, and your left hand like you’re about to throw the apple in the trash.  To start, you have to push the flag with all your might with the left hand, and then let go of the flag with both hands. Don’t catch the flag until you feel confident that you can catch it safely. The cloth on the flag needs to be facing the right side, in front of you. You should throw it high enough that the flag spins two times in the air.  When you feel confident enough to catch, put your right hand out and as soon as you feel the flag hit,  immediately put your left hand on top to secure it.

Now that you know the procedure of spinning, the four values that best represent me are courage, determination, commitment, and persistence. These things are very important in this sport.  I had to have courage in order to catch the flag. Courage will help you hope for the best and expect and be prepared for both the best and worst. I still have to have courage so I can catch the flag and toss it in between a routine.  I also had to have determination. If I weren’t determined, I wouldn’t keep trying even when I messed up and people laughed. When we began to toss and catch, I couldn’t toss. Then, I could. Then I couldn’t catch. Then, I could. I tried my best to do well. I was so determined that I tried to practice with a broom at home.  I had persistence as well.  At first, I kept trying. Then, I tried until I got the toss well. After that, I practiced until I had absolutely no mistakes. It took a long time, and sometimes, I just wanted to give up. You can stop a mistake, but if it does happen, you have to keep on going.  In this sport, commitment is another key component. You have to be committed to spending your free time to practice. Our team only has about one hour of practice a day. I have to use my free time to practice when I have the flag with me. People who want to try color guard have to be ready to commit themselves to this.  They also have to be ready to get hurt, like if the flag smashes into their face or lands hard on their fingers.  If you’re not committed, this may not be a good activity for you.

In other games, more of Jackie Robinson’s nine values apply to me, but in this sport, these four most helped me break the barriers of my own fears. I love this sport and I wouldn’t quit it at all. You have to commit a lot but I can deal with it because it shows you how to disciple yourself and not just stay in front of the TV all day. Those of you who want excitement, PLAY THIS SPORT!

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