Everyday Heroes Response Writing


Posted by mimshappy | Posted in reading responses | Posted on February 24, 2010

Everyday Heroes Response Writing #1

An activity that keeps me busy is track. Running makes me feel like I’m in a whole other world and I can do anything. I find comfort in running. Since I was five, I loved to run. I guess it was from when I used to run with my friends that I found out my love for running. When I’m outside, I want to run. Running makes me happy. I think I run so fast that my mile run time was 9:10 and now is 8:04. That’s fast for a girl! Running will help me in the future by making me stronger and I can even get a scholarship for track and field team so I can go to college.

Everyday Heroes Writing #2

I would Jump at an opportunity to go to any good college. College to my Mom means a lot. In her family, everyone went to college. I want to go to college too. I want to go because it will give me a good and better chance to be a doctor. I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. Want to know what will be better? Going to college with a scholarship. My Mom will be so proud of me and she won’t have to pay anything. It will be great if my younger sister also gets a college scholarship. All I can do about the college thing for now is do my absolute best in school, and wait and see.

Everyday Heroes Writing #3

I believe that you don’t have to hit your kids in order to train them. When your kids are being bad and you want them to stop, all you have to do is raise your voice(don’t yell) and scare them a little. The kids should get scared because you don’t normally use that kind of voice. If you do use that kind of voice, try this next discipline. You have to find a spot in your house where you can put a chair. When the kids do something bad, make them sit there for five minutes. If they get up, you have to start their time over. In this discipline, you have to do it repeatedly, or the kids will think its a joke. I think the time out is a good form of discipline because kids don’t like to stay in on place, so if they are about to  do something bad, they won’t because they won’t want to stay in one place. I hope this works. Remember, be serious and repeated.

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