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This is a photo from Waikiki beach, Honolulu, Hawaii, December 2005 by phault on

In like six days, my school will be on our summer vacation. I am so excited, but it’s not like I’m going to be at home all day. I’m going to be in Summer R.A.P. Summer R.A.P. is an activity thing in school where you do things. We will have clubs that we can choose from, so we will be able play and have fun. I am going to be in a team called flag team/color guard. This is a complicated sport, but I like it very much. We have to go to field shows and perform in the public. After Summer R.A.P, I will probably be at home or hanging out with my friends. I hope I will have enough time to spend on the computer, so I can communicate with my friends. Hope me and you can communicate over the summer too. Bye and have anĀ  exciting SUMMER!!! Hopefully see you next year!!!

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