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This is part of Student Blogging Challenge #4

Our world is always changing! Changes happen when we make them. Mother Nature also cause changes around us. Some of the changes happen when we kill things in the Earth. We cause them to change. When we chop down the trees, we are taking away the homes of some animals and limiting our oxygen supplies, provided by the trees. Volcanoes, for example, can do a lot of destruction. They can also provide rich soil, which is ideal for farming. Earth is always changing, even if we don’t fell it or see it. We are moving no matter what! Mount_St_Helens_erupting_at_night_by_Paul_Kane-3Mount    _St_Helens_erupting_at_night_by_Paul_Kane-3.jpg

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Hello Mimi,
What an interesting post you have written – it really got me thinking! And that’s exactly what you have to do when you are writing a blog! Looking at everyday things in new ways, and sparking interest in everyday topics are hard things to do, so well done you!

Some changes in the environment are OK – like the leaves changing colour in Autumn, or the temperatures going up in summer. But others are not OK – like destroying animal habitats.

I hadn’t really thought that changes can be both good and bad :-0

Do you think that everything humans do to the earth is bad? Do we do anything right?



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